Cave Briefing – Alliance, State of Ufology, Lawsuits, GN & ECETI Updates – Corey Goode

Very informative briefings update from Corey Goode (first 6 minutes). I have had the privilege of questioning/vetting him this year on many subjects including his intel sources and experiences, and I wish those conversations could have been recorded because there is a TON of stuff he has never said publicly because he summarizes so much, even after his massive online course. His wife too. I may make a video to share more of these subjects which I downloaded quite a bit of info on, such as on the metaphysical structure of energy patterns which also relate to the consciousness of the Sun being such a huge factor in our experiences, the nature of the inter-dependencies across densities/dimensions of consciousness, the way ETs greatly honor/respect Jesus/The Logos, the nature of communication from higher consciousness (angelic) beings being necessarily an incredibly messy process because of the way time is experienced/experienceable, and also many details of what may be coming as the “end time madness” energies intensify (as we come out of solar minimum). And for those who know what he refers to with the lawsuits: people who have issues with the legal system currently in place may benefit from contemplation around the true nature of free will being a possibly lesser distorted perspective when considering the source of all experience. But with that said, I also do not have any issues with people having different perspectives from me!
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