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Professional Services

I am a digital marketing consultant, and web and app developer and designer. I can be contacted for work estimates through tetonapps.com. I probably don’t have time to take on extra work. My meager LinkedIn profile is here.

UFO Disclosure Advocacy Work

I am involved in many projects related to supporting disclosure of suppressed technologies and information related to the UFO subject. I lead a Meetup group in Colorado Springs. We are organized through a nonprofit titled Full Disclosure Colorado Springs through which I distribute information resources that can be found on the Disclosure Institute site and information on how to replicate our efforts can be found on the Full Disclosure International site. I have a YouTube channel called Mind Alchemy.

I am coordinating efforts to lobby Congress on this issue through the Disclosure Views site.

I am assisting with the Disclosure Support site which lists mental health practitioners and counselors who are already familiar with exotic subjects.

Community Projects

I started a Meetup.com alternative called the New Earth Network at newearth.network

I started a site to back up and save YouTube videos that may be taken down without proper cause called YT Keeper.



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