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Professional Services

I am a digital marketing consultant, and web and app developer and designer. I no longer have time to take on new projects. My meager LinkedIn profile is here.

UFO Disclosure Advocacy Work

I am involved in many projects related to supporting disclosure of suppressed technologies and information related to the UFO subject. I lead a Meetup group in Colorado Springs. We are organized through a nonprofit titled Full Disclosure Colorado Springs through which I distribute information resources that can be found on the Disclosure Institute site and information on how to replicate our efforts can be found on the Full Disclosure International site.

I am coordinating efforts to lobby Congress on this issue through the Disclosure Views site.

I am assisting with the Disclosure Support site which lists mental health practitioners and counselors who are already familiar with exotic subjects.

I created a site to facilitate UFO Disclosure local groups called Disclosure Groups Network at joindisclosure.org

I have a YouTube channel called Mind Alchemy where I mainly speak on ET communication related subjects.

Commercial Projects

I recorded 10 hours of discussion & comprehensive presentations on many facets of the Ra Contact, between myself and Corey Goode, the controversial secret space program whistleblower. This course can be purchased here through a social network & video streaming platform I created with Corey titled Ascension Works TV. The Ra Contact books can be downloaded for free and/or purchased here.

I Co-Founded Ascension Works TV with Corey Goode. I created an Android app and an iOS app for AscensionWorks.TV which offers free social networking, and a video platform with ongoing series and livestreams.

I was credited as editor of Corey Goode’s first graphic novel, released April 2022, published by Disclosure Comics.

Community Events

I lead a Meetup group in Colorado Springs titled ET Disclosure & Contact which meets monthly.

I lead a Meetup group in Colorado Springs titled Universal Metaphysics which meets monthly, which I took over after Janet Day stepped down in April 2017.

I worked with Corey Goode to create the Ascension Summit Conference in 2021, and the 2020 Vision Conference in 2020.

Community Projects

I started a Meetup.com platform alternative called the New Earth Network at newearth.network

I created an app (iOS + Android + website) to facilitate mass meditations called Mass Meditate.


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