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Professional Services

I am a digital marketing consultant, and web and app developer and designer. I no longer have time to take on new projects. My meager LinkedIn profile is here.

UFO Disclosure Advocacy Work

I am involved in many projects related to supporting disclosure of suppressed technologies and information related to the UFO subject. I lead a Meetup group in Colorado Springs. We are organized through a nonprofit titled Full Disclosure Colorado Springs through which I distribute information resources that can be found on the Disclosure Institute site and information on how to replicate our efforts can be found on the Full Disclosure International site.

In 2018 I began to assist with efforts to lobby Congress on this issue through the Disclosure Views site. I am glad that others more qualified have taken up this type of work now.

I am assisting with the Disclosure Support site which lists mental health practitioners and counselors who are already familiar with exotic subjects.

I created a site to facilitate UFO Disclosure local groups called Disclosure Groups Network at joindisclosure.org

I have a YouTube channel called Mind Alchemy where I mainly speak on ET communication related subjects.

Podcasts & Series

Law of One Deep Dives

Ascension Workers

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Commercial Projects

I recorded 10 hours of discussion & comprehensive presentations on many facets of the Ra Contact, between myself and Corey Goode, the controversial secret space program whistleblower. This course can be purchased here through a social network & video streaming platform I created with Corey titled Ascension Works TV. The Ra Contact books can be downloaded for free and/or purchased here.

I Co-Founded Ascension Works TV with Corey Goode. I created an Android app and an iOS app for AscensionWorks.TV which offers free social networking, and a video platform with ongoing series and livestreams.

I was credited as editor of Corey Goode’s first graphic novel, released April 2022, published by Disclosure Comics.

Community Events

I lead a Meetup group in Colorado Springs titled ET Disclosure & Contact which meets monthly.

I lead a Meetup group in Colorado Springs titled Universal Metaphysics which meets monthly, which I took over after Janet Day stepped down in April 2017.

I worked with Corey Goode to create the Ascension Summit Conference in 2021, and the 2020 Vision Conference in 2020.

I assisted with the Disclosure Summit event organizing in 2024.

Community Projects

I started a Meetup.com platform alternative called the New Earth Network at newearth.network

I created an app (iOS + Android + website) to facilitate mass meditations called Mass Meditate.


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